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Residential and commercial locksmith services

If you’re looking for a Wellington locksmith to do general locksmithing and safe work, call Absolute Locksmiths.

Our Locksmiths provide services throughout Wellington including the following:

  • Restricted Security Systems
  • Master keying and keying alike
  • Keys to Code and keys made by hand
  • Commercial and residential
    locking solutions
  • Safe sales and servicing
  • Safe opening and repairs

We have available a wide range of lock and safe supplies Absolute Locksmiths have everything from padlocks and cash boxes to security safes. If we don’t have what you are requiring we can order in to suit, often overnight as we have access to a huge range of cash, document and data safes, and a complete range of locks and security fittings. We definitely will have something to suit your requirements.

If you have a safe that is due for a service or you have forgotten your code or lost the key, we can help. In many cases we will be able to open your safe with minimal or no damage.

Locksmith Emergency

Absolute Locksmiths offer a 24-hour service, so you are not left out in the cold! If you are locked out of your property or have lost your keys, we can help. Our skilled and professional locksmiths demonstrate the highest levels of integrity and discretion.

If you have a locksmith emergency, we can have a locksmith out to you quickly.

  • Locked out
  • Lost keys
  • Damaged or faulty locks
  • Burglary repairs
  • Lock repair/lock upgrade
  • Safe opening
  • Changing keys

Opening Safes

When opening safes our locksmith would look to use picking or manipulation methods if possible to minimise damage and allow the continual use of the safe. If it is necessary to drill the safe, our locksmiths would drill the safe in such a way that it is possible to repair and return the safe to full operating condition.

In our experience the most common problems experienced with safes resulting in our call out, include:

  • Integral fault within the safes door or lock.
  • Lost or misplaced keys.
  • A snapped key or part of the key has broken off in the safes lock.
  • The detachable part of the safe key is missing or has come off in the safe.
  • The key will not go into the safe.
  • The key goes into the safe but does not turn or only turns so far.
  • The safe key is difficult to turn.
  • Lost safe codes or combinations.
  • The safes electronic lock has locked the user out.
  • The safe batteries are flat.
  • Something inside the safe is jamming the operation.
  • The door closes but the bolts will not throw.
  • The door will not close or is binding.
  • An under floor safe and lock has seized.

Commercial Lock Services

If you or your staff ever get locked out of your premises, lose your keys, or struggle with old, temperamental or faulty locks, Absolute Locksmiths are here to help.

Absolute Locksmiths provide a professional lock installation, opening, repair or replacement service 24 hours a day.

We are also highly experienced key cutters and can duplicate every type of key, including Master Keys, Restricted Keys and Master Keyed Locks.

  • Lockouts – Door openings, emergencies, repossessions and evictions
  • Lock Fitting – All types of doors and windows, including garages, roller-doors and fire escapes
  • Repairs – Following vandalism or break-ins
  • Key Duplication – Every type of key, including master keys, restricted keys and master keyed locks
  • Master key systems are available from a simple inline system all the way to a high security Abloy or Bilock system.

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